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Technical & Creative Services

Business Intelligence (BI)

A key to being successful in any endeavor is knowing how effective you are. With modern cloud-based technologies and data visualization tools + dashboards, it is possible to instantly see snapshots of your operation using a real-time view on one dynamic screen.

Workgroup Solutions

Workgroups are often tasked with processes that either analyze or deliver the services of your organization. Empowering workers with tools that allow them to be more effective in their jobs is satisfying to the staff and profitable to the organization.

Mission-critical Projects

Mission-critical projects, at the minimum, can affect profitability and growth while, at the maximum, can affect the survivability of an organization. We have successfully solved complex problems for some of the largest organizations in the world with custom software solutions.

We have solved complex problems for some of the World’s largest & smallest organizations

Our clients have included

Apple Computer * AT&T Tridom * BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Company * TransAmerica Financial * NorTel * Turner Broadcasting Systems * Delta Air Lines * GTE * EBSCO Publishing * Centers for Disease Control * Emory University * Touch for Health Kinesiology Association * Delta Chi International HQ's * Coca-Cola * Arthritis Foundation * Atlanta Gas Light * Atlanta Public School System * Fulton County Public School System * BellSouth Learning and Information Systems * Cushman and Wakefield * Digital Communications Associates * Ernst & Young * Honeybaked Ham Company * Laing Properties * Southern Company Services, Inc. * ERDAS

Our eTouch for Health software is being used in homes, clinics, spas and schools in over 85 countries

eTouch for Health


What do you want to accomplish?

What are you doing correctly?

What needs to be improved?

When do you need it?

Who is it for? Who is going to do it?

We want to know all we can about you, your goals and your project so that we can provide the best solutions.

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Custom Software

We develop powerful software apps that meet your individual needs. Why use off-the-shelf software that forces you to adapt to their business rules? Some of our custom apps have performed for over 20 years. Our apps focus on workgroup automation and special mission-critical projects.


Data Visualizations and Dashboards provide instant snapshots of your operation. A 'picture is worth a 1,000 words'

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Responsive Websites

It is an increasingly mobile world. We offer advanced solutions for mobility with both responsive websites and mobile apps that can access a central database server.

Need to access your office or important information from anywhere in the world? Our custom apps and responsive websites are the answer.

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Graphic Design

LSI has been involved with digital communications since the inception of the desktop publishing revolution. We use these powerful and flexible tools when creating complete solutions.


We use the power of color to reflect important information.

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Earl has taught a variety of classes in advanced and varied topics in technology and alternative healthcare. Earl was Touch for Health Kinesiology Association Instructor of the Year for 2016-2017.


During 2017-2018, Earl created a Cloud-based Video-on-Demand training system.

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