Flaming Gorge
Red Canyon in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Ashley National Forest, Utah

After flowing through the canyons and around the Unita Mountains, the river flows through a desolate area before converging with its sister stream, the Colorado River, where they continue to their path to the Gulf of California.

Author Roy Webb, in his book, "If We Had a Boat", about the explorers, adventurers and river runners, states,

One stream that some think of as a tributary of the Green is the Grand,
now known as the Colorado. Actually, the Green is often listed as a
tributary of the Colorado. A quick check of the facts reveals the
truth, however. The drainage basin of the Grand is only 26,000 square miles,
just over half the size of the Green's. The Green is more than twice as long.
The mean annual flow of the Grand is a bit more, but this is due to the arid nature
of the lands through which the Green flows. Why, then, is the Green, obviously the
master stream, relegated to second place? The answer lies not in hydrology or
scientific reasoning, but in state pride and chamber of commerce politics. 1.

1. If We Had a Boat by Roy Webb. ©1986 The University of Utah Press,
Salt Lake City. p. 9

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